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  • Fairbridge Dining Hall being demolished, summer 1978
  • Fairbridge Crest
  • Fairbridge p7
  • Fairbridge Laundry 1978
  • Fairbridge Chapel
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  • Tree Cutting, October 16, 2017 009

Fairbridge Crest

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Fairbridge Crest This crest was developed by Ross Lort, the school's planner and chief architect, from a sketch the Fairbridge children designed after publishing the second edition of the Fairbridge Gazette in 1939. The beaver represents their new home, Canada, while the two sprigs of English Oak represents their roots--the British Isles. The Latin motto was to represent the Fairbridge children's future--industry and sturdiness--"both of which qualities, we hope, will be characteristics of all Fairbridge boys and girls."

English Oak still line Fairbridge Drive and Old Koksilah Road at the community while beavers keep building their dams along the Koksilah River.


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