Fairbridge Kids on Ship 1941 Party


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  • Roddy Mackay on 2014-Jul-18 13:41:16 Roddy Mackay said

    This party of children sailed on the SS Bayano Nov. 1941. Their convoy was attacked by a German submarine with one ship sunk and another badly damaged.
    For family and friends the names of these are as follows:
    Front Row: R. Myhill, B. Tibbles, E. Foster, Louis Field, P. Mein, R. Mackay, H. Taylor, Leon Field,
    Back Row: C Gray, M Bean, J Dean, C. Smith, I. Richards, M Redshaw, A. Thain.
  • Kristina G. on 2014-Nov-14 11:09:33 Kristina G. said

    Are you sure this was November 1941? The information I have would put this sailing on August 15, 1940. I'm doing some research on this one right now - would this be the sailing from Gourock? It matters to me quite a bit that I have the date right, so I'd be very grateful to have any info you can give me. This is for a play I'm putting together for a children's theatre company.
  • Kristina G. on 2014-Nov-14 11:15:56 Kristina G. said

    Unless...this isn't a CORB group going over? But surely - were there still trips going over this late in 1941? Were these War Guests?
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