Aquitania Party, May 1947

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Aquitania Party, May 1947 This photograph was taken at Bennington prior to departure. On the right is Mr. G.C. Warnock, party conductor and on left the Rev. Ivor Church an Australian Old Fairbridgian.
The children in the party, from left to right are:
Back Row: Gordon Dewhirst, Edward Langlands, John Rutherford, Peter Matthews, John Champion, Frank Easton, John Hardy, Robert Dobson, Gerald Hunter, Tom Lisle, John James, Anthony lisle, Peter Timbrell, Peter Frankish
Front Row: Michael McIveer, Barry Whiting, Brian Grundy, Pat Lisle, Barbara Frankish, David Nicholson, Tommy Isherwood, Donald Timbrell, Alfred Hanson, George Rutherford, Ian Hall, Barry Sutton.
Sitting on the grass: Ronnie Nicholson, Daniel Dobson


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  • Louise McIver on 2014-Aug-13 22:55:43 Louise McIver said

    My dad michael Mciver sat next to the man on the left xxx
  • Mrs. Josefine Dewhirst on 2016-Sep-08 04:19:18 Mrs. Josefine Dewhirst said

    This website was found by a long known friend of my husband and Mr. Graham sent it to me.
    Gordon Dewhirst my loving and devoted husband passed away May 7th this year. I sensed his stay at Fairbridge was mostly positive. I understood he had a kind housemother with whom he kept in touch until she died. Gordon had a successful career specialising in public policy and rose to the position of Assistant Deputy Minister in the Foreign Review Agency Canada. For all his accomplishments his Family was his greatest joy. Needles to see we miss his calm and prudent judgement, his kindness and sense of fun. Regards, Josefine Dewhirst